Saturday, April 2, 2016

The difference between traveling and vacationing.

What is the difference between traveling and vacationing? A lot of people confuse the two being that both are time away from our secular jobs. Both require leaving home for a certain about of time. But the differences are substantial, and understanding the difference and really what your goal is when a person is off work will determine which they prefer. Is your time off to relax and do nothing, being care free? Or is your time off for seeing or doing something new that you can't do while being stuck at work.

I really enjoy traveling. Being able to see and experience a new culture and a people totally different from mine. Making new friends and staying in contact with them even when I return home through email and social media.  Observing God's creation whether it be interacting with a cheetah or koala bear, or as I marvel at the beautiful reefs or views on top of a mountain. Even the ability that people have to make amazing architecture and cook delicious local cuisine. When I leave from traveling I feel like my life has been enriched. I understand a little more the relationship between people and the surrounding world.

That ability or desire to understand and see the world is what separates humans from animals. A dog doesn't care about what dogs in India do or eat. There are no museums for cows to look at the history of cows. This is a unique gift we have that I think very few take advantage of.

So the other day a person asked me why I don't just go on a cruise. Which is a good question being that thousands and thousands of people go on cruises every year. People like the convenience of it all. The entertainment, food, rooms, and ports of call are all included in one economic price. From my own experience I went on a cruise that started off in Tampa that went to Cozumel, Belize, and Grand Cayman. I'll be honest, I felt like a prisoner or cattle on the ship. I was allowed to eat and go out to the yard for a few hours a day until they told me to get back on the ship, "prison/barn." The people on the boat were older and "less adventurous types." It was like hanging out with "Joe from Chicago" who just retired or "Bob from Florida" who decided to go because it was a good deal. I left feeling empty like I got nothing from it but a slightly bigger stomach and maybe a little extra sleep. But I could've done all that at home! I could have laid around and stuffed my face with food and never left the house. The stops at the ports of call leave barely anytime to do anything let alone understand something about the place I visited. I've had layovers to my next flight longer than the time spent at the ports of call.

That's the difference between travel and vacation. Going to Hawaii every year or to a resort in Cancun or Jamaica is not traveling. That is under the vacation category. There's absolutely nothing wrong choosing to relax in a comfortable environment and spending time to re-energize and rejuvenate one's self before the grind of everyday life comes again. I forgot the percentage but I believe 85% of people go to places they have already been to. So I would say most people, and when I say people I mean Americans like to vacation. 

So most will probably guess I prefer travel. What do you prefer?

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