Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What's Next on the Bucket List?

I always read blogs and articles of different people's ideas of the MUST-DOs before they die. Just like in the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. They were both diagnosed with terminal cancer, so they came up with the idea to fulfill all the things they dreamt about doing. For example they raced Ford Shelbys, visited the pyramids in Giza, the Taj Mahal, a safari in Africa,Etc. It was a good list. So since everybody else that blogs writes a bucket list, I thought I'd write down the ones on the list I have done and the list that I hope to do soon in the near future.

Checked off list: traveled to all six inhabited continents, unfortunately there aren't any hotels in Antarctica. Had pizza in Naples, attended a sumo tournament in Japan, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, Carnaval in Brazil, drove a Ferrari in Monaco, and a safari in Africa. I really wish I had started younger on this list. A lot of time and money was wasted in my 20's but it's never too late and a good thing is I haven't been diagnosed with cancer yet but who knows what tomorrow will bring, so live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is never promised. That being said, here's my list for the future:

1) Climb on Everest. It's the tallest mountain. The photos I see of Sagarmatha are majestic. Even if I don't go up to the summit, just getting there and to Base Camp would be a dream.

2) Run with the Bulls. I know the danger and the brutality of the whole event. I know and I get it but it's one of the those things I have to see for myself. Even if I don't run, at least if I get a nice balcony view would be awesome.

3) Speaking of mountains, another must is Kilimanjaro and Tanzania. I've been to a safari but the one I went to is a little zoo compared to the wildlife running free there. Witnessing this country would be truly awe inspiring.

4) Speaking of wildlife again. The Galápagos Islands with the turtles and diversity of animals concentrated in that tiny area. Being able to snorkel and explore the islands.

5) Visiting the Bible Lands. Being able to see all the places I've read about in the Bible for so many years. The Sea of Galilee, Mount of Olives, the Red Sea. There's too many to list but Israel and Jordan are very high on my list and I hope to visit soon.

6) The Great Wall of China. There's a lot to see in the most populated country in the world. But the Great Wall is a must. As much as I try to avoid the country of my family's origin, basically just because I think it's too cliche to visit a country that I'm the same nationality as. It's like a Filipino going to the Philippines. Not really any excitement in that but it's the Great Wall. Come On!

7) This next one is really roughing it but I think I would enjoy it. Dog sledding with 8 huskies from Chile to Argentina through Patagonia. It sounds cold, tiring, and all. But I imagine seeing the beautiful scenery of Patagonia, working closely with a team of genius doggies. I'd have the time of my life despite any hardships I face along the way.

8) Even though I would probably be over it in a couple days. Easter Island is a place I dream about going to. It's the most remote island in the world. All those huge statues distributed around the island. From the photos, there is a strong appeal for me to see it in person.

9) Going to Songkran in Thailand. It happens in April around the 13th thru the 15th. This is a seriously fun water fight held where everybody in the streets have buckets and super soakers. Even the elephants shoot water from their trunks. That would be a blast! Literally.

Hopefully I get to all of these 9 bucket list items in the near future. But by the time I'm done with these there there will be another 9 added to continue my quest.

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